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You can actually remove yourself by calling the number back and following the automated prompts. To really stick it to them, call from a pay-phone, doing so costs them an extra $1 or something like that. Accessible communication is critical to enabling independence, and full participation in life. This is dramatically illustrated when you consider important personal information like government documents, banking statements, credit card and wireless bills. 3) English HD offering is poor and the majority of them are from a low-bitrate source.


It happened on more than one occasion that the modem was blacklisted from Videotron due to non-payment. Videotron would tell me to contact the previous owner to settle it, but that was kinda hard to do when I’d bought the modem from a Village des Valeurs. I quickly learned to check the serial number below leaving the store with the modem. Not sure if it will works the same way, but it might be a good idea to make sure the Helix modem is not blacklisted. I am wondering if it is worth the hassle to switch (yes the speed is 4x but even at 100Mb/s i was not using it fully) and also if there are any issues using their modem/router in bridge mode since i have my own routers.

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You’ve only been promised that these will eventually come around, but how long can you wait? It’s not like they’ll add 53 new HD channels tomorrow. No matter what I write or how I phrase my questions they always come back with their usual responses of all the HD channels they have recently added, their on-demand services etc. Right now they are giving the $64 price on their website without modem rental. You need to contact them and negotiate for the equipment to be included. Here’s a list of telephone numbers to call most of the Canadian Mastercard Issuer’s Customer Support Numbers. Rest assured that we are constantly working to offer you the best TV service on the market. The first time it happened, I called tech support and they said the problem came from the source and that everything was fine with my signal. Was going to make the usual call to complain bit figure I will save my call when I cancel. As long as they keep adding French and foreign channels to keep their main clientele happy no matter how many times you call or write will not make the slightest difference in their mandate. I asked them a few times to at least start an open dialogue with us so that we can be aware of the steps that they are taking to rectify the issues, not once was anything beyond the same pat responses said.

8+ months of waiting for illico 2.0 after it’s first target date, still no date in sight. We are now forced to charge you a $10/month Dry Loop Fee, starting from March, 2022. It’s always a good idea to check the information about the HELIX modem before final payment to the seller. When you sign up for the service, you will be asked to enter the serial number of the Helix box. I guess the offer is targeted to specific adresses / area. There’s good deals to be had at $80-$100 for the modem. The way to go with Vidéotron is to BUY your own equipment. Mortgage Rate Finder Find the best mortgage rates and see what’s available on the market now.

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OTA, FTA, Hulu, Netflix, Cinema Now and NHL Game Centre live will suit me just fine at a fraction of the cost. My landline number is being switched to a VOIP service as we speak. This shouldnt be a shock to anyone when I say Videotron caters to its Francophone customers, but the lack of quality english HD channels is quite significant. Channels like the Western networks, which Bell has been offering since day one, isn’t available and the list goes on. The issues of poor simsubbing is really a bit much, during the baseball playoffs I called 5 times because they simmed over programs that were preempted due to the games running late. More recently I’ve noticed a couple of feeds that were incorrectly simsubbed, wrong channel entirely on a program that was only available, so the viewing was completely lost. Simsubbing on American channels when the last program isn’t quite finished, cutting off the last couple of minutes. Check the image of the offer, it states that he equipment is included, so its a really good deal if you can lower it by buying your own used modem, but I guess its kinda hard to get it once it doesnt appear on the website, right now, only appears the $70 “offer” with equipment included.