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Which team will finish the regular season in the first position. How many points a team will concede in the regular season. Which team will finish in a higher position in the regular season. Official award for the best ”rising star”, young player of the season.

For example, in a 2/4 system bet, you would choose 4 selections and click on the System tab at the top of the bet slip, where you would then see your system bets options. The 2/4 system bet is made up of the 6 possible combinations using your 4 selections, so a stake of €0.50 would cost €3. Even if only 2 of those possible combinations were winners, your bet would win, with the return amount dependant on how many possible combinations actually win. If none or only one of your picks wins, your system bet loses. When you place your system bet, the amount of winnings shown is the maximum winnings possible if all picks win. Predict who will win the next set with the stated handicap applied.

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If an Event is finished without any home run being scored then all wagers on First/Last home run will be void. First/Last home run means betting on which team will score the first / last home run.

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Match Bets are settled using official competition website. If in a head to head match both Team/Athlete go out in the same round the bet is settled on who has achieved the better qualifying mark. If Team/Athlete are eliminated at the same stage bets will be void unless a tie is offered as a selection. If a market is offered as 2Way and happened to finish with a draw result, Push rules apply. Predict which team will win the match after the handicap scores have been applied, excluding the handicap draw. Drivers/Teams who make Q3 will be settled as winners, any subsequent disqualifications will not count.

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If there is already one or more sets with registered tiebreak winner – all bets for that market will be valid for settlement. Championship – Outright betting will be determined by the positions immediately following the final event of the competition and will not be altered by any subsequent enquiries. If match is abandoned before full completion of meeting then all bets on the match will be void unless the running of the match would not have affected the result. All markets will be settled based on the result after the completion of the final heat or podium presentation (Individual/Grand Prix competitions).