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Even if the case against Wei Wei had moved forward, he said, it likely wouldn’t have yielded serious convictions. At the end of the day, he said, the courts and the Crown “simply do not have the capacity for everything to go to trial.” He seemed to be implying that the charges had been dropped as a mere matter of housekeeping. On Wednesday September 30, 2020 CBC News published an article on the York Region Police’s discovery of an illegal casino and “spa” operating in a 20,000 square foot mansion in Markham. This follows a bust in Woodland Acres in the City of Vaughan just a few months prior. “While the total value of these seizures is significant, this is only the start of our efforts to dismantle organized crime groups who are operating illegal gaming operations in York Region,” YRP Chief Jim MacSween said. “While the total value of these seizures is significant, this is only the start of our efforts to dismantle organized crime groups who are operating illegal gaming operations in York Region,” said Chief Jim MacSween. Back in May, investigators with the York Regional Police intelligence unit and the guns, gangs and drug enforcement unit started a probe into illegal gaming dens, dubbed Project End Game.

This massive operation included mahjong tables and slot machines, and it is believed that the upper part of the home served as a bed and breakfast with suspicions that prostitution was also taking place. Then, there was an indication that the Markham mansion was also a site of illegal gambling. The first attempt of the raid was deemed too dangerous because there were children present and armed guards stationed around the property. However, the July 23 bust uncovered a fully functioning casino operation. TORONTO — A 20,000 square foot mansion, more than $1 million in cash and 11 firearms were seized as police north of Toronto dismantled an illegal casino and spa. Wei Dong’s and other mansion employees’ cases are still pending in the courts, and none of the charges against them have been substantiated. Wei Dong is virtually the fallen man because he is the sole defendant facing jail time for weapons allegations. Calvin Barry, a slick showman who specializes in celebrity DUIs, is his defense attorney. His court manner is diametrically different from Robitaille’s—think loquacious salesperson vs. strategic operator—but he has an equally outstanding courtroom victory percentage. Wei Dong also claims that police mismanaged the evidence against him, claiming that some of his cash and jewelry went missing following a search of his residence.

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According to Slack, the police had no reason to take the watches because there was no evidence that they were stolen. The watches had not arrived as of early July 2021, and the case was still being investigated. According to people close to Wei, he has always maintained that the claims leveled against him are false. The first thing Wei’s defense team saw was that Slack’s team had photographed Wei’s retainer agreement with Robitaille at his house in Vaughan, which was a violation of his attorney-client privilege. Wei further claimed that following the raid, two of his high-end watches, a $300,000 Patek Philippe and a $150,000 Jaeger-LeCoultre, went stolen. The most damaging of Wei’s claims was that a pistol holster confiscated from his Decourcy bedroom was a fake, according to the authorities. Wei assumed the authorities had hidden it in his home in order to link him to the firearms accusations, which may result in a prison sentence. The initial search of Wei’s bedroom on film reveals nothing behind the door outside the linen closet, which is where police said they located the holster. Instead, in a subsequent search 17 hours later, this piece of proof appeared as if by magic. Wei Dong, a guy considered to be Wei Wei’s main partner, was one of the numerous people arrested.

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There was no social distancing or requirement to wear masks to ward off COVID-19 in the opulent illegal Markham gambling centre, Slack said. A real estate listing describes it as a 30,000-square-foot property with chandeliers, an elevator, three dining rooms, an indoor swimming pool and a spa. Rongxiang Yuan sits with CACA leaders and top Chinese officials including Vancouver consul general Tong Xiaoling at an event in Burnaby in 2019. The corporate managers of the two Toronto-area hotels, including the Edward Hotel in Markham, did not respond to requests for comment from Global News. He described it as a sophisticated operation with $20,000 per hand baccarat betting limits that may have used cryptocurrency as well as cash. One of the entrepreneurs in the room was Yongtao Chen’s business partner, a Toronto real estate tycoon named Wei Wei. “Like every case of this nature where you have multiple people charged, plea agreements are often arranged,” Nicolle said, referencing reports the Project Endgame cases has collapsed. Robitaille said an officer took pictures of documents covered by the privilege, including a retainer agreement with her firm, which later triggered a call to the Crown. Due to the sensitive and/or legal subject matter of some of the content on, we reserve the ability to disable comments from time to time. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges.