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They just think they’re doing what’s best for their children. Literally every single tigermom’d adult from my HS class doing the money-leeching thing right now, from my class of 2008. My school was a preppy $35,000 USD tuition international English-speaking HS. Those people literally turned it into a type of non-sexual financial domination, except with their PARENTS. The thing is, I don’t love my parents at all. Yada yada, piano lessons/ballet/orchestra/high pressure environment. I just took a different fucked up path and at least now I’m the one in control. At least I’m alive and not in jail, because I didn’t go THIS far. It does get very surreal if you keep going down that path, life gets kind of surreal. I remember one Korean girl getting smacked by her father who came home suddenly from the dry cleaning store to find her blonde boyfriend escaping out the back door. I am Indian, our culture is even more strict upon the upbringing of children . I think from the Academic standpoint, there seems to be equal amount of pressure among South Asian and East Asian parents for their children to excel. This was evident to me as people from these ethnic backgrounds were predominant in my high school’s advanced program, and later on as I attended engineering in University.

As far as I am concerned, this whole mess started with a family failing to understand and approve of one another. The overwhelming majority of people with strict upbringings do not kill their parents. There is a reason this is on a blog site and not a news site. A difference between writer and a journalist is a journalist does research and sticks to journalistic practises.

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You are a boorish, pedantic nag with a rigid mind, much of which gets fired up by your undue sensitivity. Parenthesis & brackets are both called brackets in your opinion, therefore this is right. Furthermore, what you put in “round brackets” means the opposite of what is written, because Boris Moris says so and language is fluid. You successfully learned nothing, despite my best efforts. I concede that I was wrong, and that brackets and parenthesis are the same thing, and that bracketing is a commonly understood verb that means to place text in parenthesis. You might want to consider the option of not playing with yourself.

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The game of pachinko is conducted on machines called ‘Pachinkos’ found in thousands of parlours across Japan, which is somewhat similar to the casinos found in the United States. A pachinko machine has a vertical playfield enclosed in a case. The player fires balls individually into the machine with a flipper, which then bounce down through the forest of pins. If the balls go into certain pockets, a payout of additional balls is triggered. Modern machines use a knob to fire the balls and are fully electronic with video screens and a wide variety of jackpot conditions and payouts.

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I remember my dad would put on a nice suit every week he had a day off and my mum would say whats the point you are not going anywhere. But i think if anyone where to offer my dad an office job he would take it. I’m a first generation kid from japan and i went through the same high expectation. I lost a sense of myself after i couldn’t keep up with my parents expectations and became a empty shell. I think all of us here had some kind of pressure from our parents. I think we all have empathy for her and to a certain point sympathy as well. It’s wonderful that you were able to reflect and change your parenting practices, and are reaching out to help other parents in your community. I hope you and your son have a long, loving, happy relationship. As far as I am concerned, school prior to post-secondary is worth jack squat. The things you take away from there is nothing compare to everything else you will learn after.